Chile - Extension to Easter Island
Treasures of Rapa Nui
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DAY 1  Santiago de Chile - Hanga Roa

Arrive on Easter Island from Santiago de Chile. After an island welcome with flower leis at the airport, transfer to the Hotel Hanga Roa, superior room, in Hanga Roa for 3 nights including breakfast.

DAY 2 Hanga Roa - Moai Route - Anakena Beach - Hanga Roa

A full day tour along the Moai Route visits the “Ahu” (ceremonial platform in ruins) Vaihu, a place surrounded by enormous fallen statues, and the Ahu Akahanga, where the first king of the island was buried. Further along, ascend the Rano Raraku Volcano, which is the most spectacular crater in the zone and where the former island-people carved the giant statues from the volcano's quarry. Here it is possible to observe the different stages in the Moai construction: the biggest one still remains at the quarry and is more than 20m long and weighs just under 200 tons. Afterwards, visit Ahu Tongariki, the biggest ahu on the Island with 15 Moais (Statues), destroyed by a tidal wave in 1960 but restored to their original position. Visit Te Pito Kura, an ancient settlement with a mystical circular stone. Finally at Anakena Beach there is time to enjoy the warm sea waters that surround the island. (B)

DAY 3 Hanga Roa - Rano Kao Volcano - Orongo - Ahu Akm - Hanga Roa

Today enjoy a half-day tour to the Rano Kao Volcano, whose deep crater of lush vegetation holds a large fresh water lake. Afterwards, visit the Cultural Centre of Orongo, situated at the top of the crater at over 300 m above sea level and where, every year the Bird Man, or Tangata Manu ceremony takes place. There are more than 100 petroglyphs that represent the Make-Make god and the Manutara seabird amongst others. After, visit to Ana Kai Tangata, a cavern where the island people took refuge during times of war and where many pre-historic paintings can be seen. In the afternoon, travel to Ahu Akivi, a big platform of 7 Moais, all of them facing the sea. Also see Ana Tepahu Caverns and the quarry of Puna Pau, where the top part of the Moais were sculpted. Finally, visit to Ahu Tahai before returning to the hotel. (B)

DAY 4  Hanga Roa - Departure

Transfer to the airport for the departure of the flight to Santiago. (B)

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